Catlett Music Center

The 25 million dollar Catlett Music Center is home to the University of Oklahoma’s School of Music, Symphony Orchestra, the Pride of Oklahoma marching band and numerous faculty and student ensembles. World-class concerts and events are held regularly in Catlett Music Center which was completed in 1998.

8135283193_610fdab989_zCatlett contains the School of Music’s administrative and faculty offices, along with studios, rehearsal suites, classrooms, MIDI labs, the Grant Fine Arts Library, a recording studio, and three performance halls. The performance halls are the Paul F. Sharp Concert Hall, Morris R. Pitman Recital Hall, and Grayce B. Kerr Gothic Hall. The School of Music is a fully accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. The requirements for admission and graduation are in accordance with the published regulations of the N.A.S.M.

For additional information visit the Catlett Music Center online.

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