Fred Jones Jr. Art Center

gallery_07The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is one of the finest university art museums in the United States. Admission is always free thanks to the generous support of the OU Office of the President and the OU Athletics Department!

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art boast a nearly 16,000-object permanent collection (including the approx. 3,300-object Adkins Collection and the more than 4,000-object James T. Bialac Native American Art Collection) are the Weitzenhoffer Collection of French Impressionism, 20th century American painting and sculpture, traditional and contemporary Native American art, art of the Southwest, ceramics, photography, contemporary art, Asian art and graphics from the 16th century to the present. Temporary exhibitions are mounted throughout the year which explore the art of various periods and cultures.

For more information including Parking, Hours & Admission, and Tours, visit the Center’s web site.

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